Hello World :))

After months of dithering, of Google search and re-search, of lame excuses and sheer procrastination i finally overcame my inertia and decided to go for it!! So here i am with my very first blog out there in the virtual world. The aim is to begin with one a day for 365 days and then regroup. 
What do i call these random musings…thought-snippets,soul-broodings,notes-to-my-self, daily-reflections??? A plethora of ideas buzzed around but the one that i kept coming back to was that of the Pensieve. In Hogwarts magical world Dumbledore’s Pensieve is an object used to review memories. As Dumbledore tells Harry Potter, “One simply siphons the excess thoughts from ones mind, pours them into the basin, and examines them at ones leisure. It becomes easier to spot patterns and links when they are in this form.”
This idea captures the very essence of what i am trying to do here…store some quotes/thoughts/memories that define my mental universe on the internet…the Pensieve of our times.
From the foggy crevices of my mind these snippets come unbidden tumbling out…some memories,some reflections,some inspirations…
May the force (and some inspiration!!) be with me on this journey…


About sunsur81

A gatherer of thoughts...exploring myths,metaphors and expressions of life...
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