# Day 03 (Zen and the rhythm of walking…)

01 Jun 2015

“An early morning walk is a blessing for the whole day”…Henry David Thoreau 

Given a choice between going to the gym or for a walk in a neighbourhood park, i’d choose the latter any day. To me it’s not just the aspect of it as a  great physical workout but the fact that there is something deeply therapeutic almost meditative about perambulation on this natural treadmill we know as our planet earth. A teacher colleague had once shared with me how her daily stress-buster was an hour long evening walk with her husband where they bounced off the day’s issues with each other. For them it created a strong marital bond no amount of date-nights or romantic-getaways could forge. My own sister is convinced that while walking Mother Earth (“dharti-maa” as we reverently call her in Hindi) simply sucks away the negativity surrounding you and leaves you revitalised and perked up to face the rigmaroles of life.

In classic literature many literary figures have extolled the virtues of walking not just as a means of getting to a place or as a  physical exercise but rather as a spiritual endeavour undertaken for its own sake. A name that springs to  mind is of Henry David Thoreau who in his writings time and again celebrated the freedom to just roam, stroll and wander in the wilderness. Too bad like him we all can’t really afford to stroll in the woods or walk around ponds and lakes all day long!! But we can definitely choose ‘walking’ (many i know feel the same about running or even cycling).

The rhythmic pacing of one foot behind the other  carries you away from all worries into a state of well being where happy thoughts get unshackled and joyfully flutter around you…

“Now shall i walk or shall i ride?”

“Ride” Pleasure said

“Walk” Joy replied (W.H. Davies)


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