# Day 10 (Who are we really??)

08 June 2015

Who are you really?                                      ~ Madisen Kuhn

who are you,really?

you are not a name

or a height, or a weight or a gender

you are not an age

and you are not where you are from

you are your favourite books

and the songs stuck in your head

you are your thoughts

and what you eat for breakfast on saturday mornings

you are a thousand things

but everyone chooses

 to see a million things you are not 

you are not where you are from

you are

   where you are going…

and i’d like to go there too…

A friend shared this poem from the net the other day and I loved it not just for its lyrical insight into what makes our actual persona but also for the implied rap about judging people solely on their physical attributes or geographical roots. In our country, given its ethnic diversity, we specially love playing that guessing game where every new person you meet has to be put through a quick mental scanner and the pieces of his looks, dress,accent have to be put together and the puzzle of the region of his origin has to be resolved. Sometimes a public school education and clipped English accent thwart your attempts and then you catch a particular inflection in the pronunciation of some word and voila your mind triumphantly smiles to say– got it!! With me it is a harmless pastime…more a force of habit born from the fact that i’ve led a kind of gypsy life (as most army families do) all over the country and also the fact that as a teacher of the language  i’m quite fascinated by the way English pronunciation differs in regions across our country and even the world!

Unfortunately, we have begun to live in an increasingly intolerant world. One is saddened to hear how people are discriminated against based on their skin colour, their religious apparel, their gender, their geographic roots…the list is endless. We need to walk away from all those prejudices slowly hardening inside us and treat others as just Homo sapiens with no baggage of caste, color or creed and understand the learning, the psyche, the mental make-up, the  humane traits that make each one of us who we really are.


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