# Day 14 (An offbeat memory…)

12 June 2015

So often the mind leaps unbidden from one unrelated thought to another…a quirky trail that leads to some forgotten memory. And so this morning as I collected my thoughts on what to pen down for today, i remembered our high school library and the many library-periods spent exploring those fascinating bookshelves with friends. We were giggly teenagers then and our constant tee-hees got many a disapproving looks from the nun in charge every time we chuckled and chortled (specially while reading our favourite Asterix comics series!) Can still picture her exasperated frown as feeling reprimanded we would try and stifle the amusement and only manage shoulders-shaking-with-mirth (my friend was a pro at this!) that would cause  a further titter around our table!! This particular friend (another crazy book lover like me ) and i often went around to the shelves ‘less-rifled-through’ for the sheer excitement of discovering a new author, a unique book distinct from the regular best sellers everyone else was reading. And that’s how one day we stumbled upon this most unusual writer T. Lobsang Rampa and his famous ” The Third Eye”

The world of Tibetan occult, the idea of ‘astral-travel’ it described was just too thrilling for us fifteen year-olds. Later on one was to read much about the controversy surrounding his writings and his identity, but then our bewitchment was such that we quickly read through the three titles available. Some of the ideas i even noted down in a notebook i used to collect interesting passages in (ah to imagine what all i would have done had i my Kindle then!!!). Sharing here a small extract from his “The Cave of The Ancients”…for a wide-eyed teenager the first sobering realisation of our insignificance in this vast cosmos…

“Over us the stars wheeled their course, endless eternal. The Lama reached into his robe and brought forth a box of matches. He extracted one match and held it up. “I will show you creation, Lobsang!” he said gaily. Deliberately he drew the match head across the igniting surface of the box and as it flared into life, he held up the blazing silver…then blew it out. “Creation and dissolution,” he said. “The flaring match head emitted thousands of particles each exploding away from its fellows. Each was a separate world, the whole was a universe. And the universe died when the flame was extinguished. Can you say that there was no life on those worlds?” “If they were worlds,” he continued “and had life upon them, to that life the worlds would have lasted for millions of years. Are we just a stricken match? Are we living here with our joys and sorrows thinking that this is a world without end? Think about it…just think about it!”


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