# Day 17 (Jukebox-in-my-head)

15 June 2015
Some days i wake up with the jukebox-in-my-head playing a song. Even before the first thought of the day has completely formed, it picks up a song for a word therein and starts playing it in the background. At times i almost feel this jukebox has a personality of its own. There are days when with wicked glee it’ll pick up an arbitrary song with crazy lyrics and play it in a loop over and over and over again. However much i punch in requests for a change, the song will keep popping up at odd moments! Sometimes there are two of them and they play ‘Antakshari ‘…that old favourite parlour game of our subcontinent fed on Hindi film songs. And then in some sombre moments it just selects the perfect lyric that expresses your feelings better than any words could.

Perhaps this is what happens with all music lovers. We have this huge database of our favourite compositions that give rhythm to our lives. From scientists to philosophers all have extolled the ability of music to ‘give a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.’ For many the songs a person listens to is a yardstick to judge that person by; friendships are based on the kind of music you listen to; couples will have that one ‘our song’; everyone at a party will suddenly head to the dance floor the minute the DJ belts out a universal favourite. Truly music is life that’s why our hearts have beats. And how can i forget the Bard’s immortal words

“…if music be the food of love, play on…”


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