# Day 18 (The ‘Morning Cuppa’)

16 June 2015

The ‘Morning Cuppa’

“Holding my tea, i don’t think of the past anymore, i don’t think of the future anymore…there is a real encounter between me and the tea…and peace, happiness and joy is possible during the time i drink my tea.”~~ Thich Nhat Hanh

Only a Buddhist Zen master could so aptly describe the meditative quality of the morning cup of tea/coffee ritual! Many rely on that warm liquid to nudge themselves from a half sleepy to fully awake state every morning. For others it’s a little ritual..familiar and comforting that gears you up for the day that lies ahead. Like one cheesy coaster-quote says, it’s your ‘morning hug in a mug!’ In many ways it’s not just about the cuppa but the other things that go with it like reading a newspaper or even organising your day’s events. When i was working (and teaching necessitates an early start to the day) often i would not even be sitting but carrying the cup around orchestrating my morning chores between sips of that decoction…it actually managed to provide some sense of serenity to the morning rush before leaving for work.

My initiation into this ritual began after marriage, my husband being a bed-tea addict. But more than him it was my mother-in-law who was responsible for my conversion. For her tea at any time of the day was a ‘good idea’ and much like the character of Sheldon in TBBT it fixed everything…from feeling too cold to feeling too hot, helping you relax and sleep to refreshing and energising you, from curing a cold or sore throat to just taking a little time-out for herself during a busy days routine. Every time she brewed a cup she would ask if i wanted one and i would refuse. But in the true Indian habit of offering something to eat inspite of the others refusal, she would coax me into having ‘just a sip.’ Needless to say in a couple of years i was hooked! And now there is the morning cuppa, the mid day coffee, the anytime green tea, the ‘masala chai’ and ‘adrak chai’ for winter days…like ambrosias all, providing heavenly solace whenever you seek!


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