# Day 25 (The Mystery of Missing Things…)

22 June 2015

“I know a funny little man 

As quiet as a mouse

Who does the mischief that is done

 In everybody’s house!

There’s no one ever see his face

And yet we all agree 

That every plate we break was cracked 

By Mr Nobody”

This old children’s poem is a funny take on one of life’s little mysteries. In our house, as in many others i know, Mr Nobody even makes things disappear. Nothing big or expensive…just small things like the hair clip you open and keep on your bed side table at night. For some strange reason it’s not there the next morning!! Then there are other things…the important letter/document you kept safely somewhere; the button that came off and you put aside for sewing it back; the reading spectacles that play a continuous game of hide and seek; that small cable you use to attach your phone to the power bank or even your phone charger at times; the cap of your favorite pen (strangely many of these tend to bear the ‘favorite’ tag!); and the worst of them all~socks in the washing machine or dryer…every couple of months one of a pair disappears! It’s an endless list of articles that shouldn’t be missing in the first place…after all you have stored them safely within the finite area of your home! The problem gets further compounded by your body going into search-mode immediately and you end up spending hours obsessively hunting for the missing item. Sometimes your ferreting around is rewarded but more often than not you are forced to just give up and wait for the thing to reappear on its own.

The rational self tells you this happens when you are preoccupied and not focusing on the present moment. But your frustrated self is convinced it is the work of some being from another dimension who is playing pranks on you. Or even that there is an invisible vortex like those sci-fi wormholes which sucks it away into another universe!

One of the stories my grandmother related was about a King who fell into bad times under the evil influence of the planet Saturn (‘shani-dasha as they call it) and had to work as a commoner with a rich merchant. One day the merchant’s precious necklace was ‘swallowed’ by a wooden peg on the wall and the king was blamed and punished for stealing it. Later when the planetary influence became benign the peg regurgitated the necklace! When i remember her story i wonder if that’s what happens to my missing items!!

Meanwhile i train myself to take deep breaths and let go of that crazy urge to start an immediate ransacking when something gets misplaced and wait for the ‘wooden-peg’ to return it!!


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