# Day 31/32 (Life Mantras~~Be grateful…)

28 June 2015

“All we have is all we need. All we need is the awareness of how blessed we really are”

So often in life it is easy to drag yourself down and wallow in self-pity because you are going through some extremely arduous and exacting circumstances. However, i have learnt that no matter how tough your situation may be, you can look for and find bright spots to be thankful for. You can be grateful for the strength and fortitude you have for dealing with the problem; for the fact that you are fortunate to have the resources, economic or otherwise to tide over the difficulty; for the circle of friends and family around you who help you get through it all; and if nothing else just be indebted for the fact that it’s not worse…as the expression goes “it could be worse…it could be raining!”

Just the other day we were at the hospital waiting room for my husband’s post-operative check up. While awaiting our turn, we happened to strike conversation with another patient there, a gentleman who must have been in his seventies. He shared with us how he had just undergone a complicated eye surgery and the post-operative vision issues were preventing him from driving. It was a problem for him as his wife was a cancer patient and needed to visit the hospital regularly for her chemo sessions. They had only one daughter who lived in faraway Canada and couldn’t just leave her job, husband and school-going kids to take care of them. For an onlooker here was a person whose cup of woes was really full. But what struck me was that there was no self-pity, no bitterness, no rancour about his circumstances in his matter-of-fact-narration. On the contrary, he seemed thankful for his friends who were willing to volunteer and drive him around and for the fact that cab-services in the city had improved so much that he could use any one of the phone apps available to hail a taxi. And then he also said that he thanked god for the good fortune of finding that capable doctor who had saved his eye with his surgical skills!

This is what living with gratitude is all about…even in your darkest hour there is always, always something to be thankful for. You just need to look around and see the countless examples of people who gain incredible wisdom and are more empowered simply because they have experienced and reflected on life’s cruelties and learnt to appreciate other things which deserve our gratitude. Just be grateful…it is truly the mantra for being at peace with yourself, with others around you and with the world in general.


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