# Day 36 (The shoe-craze…)

02 Jul 2015

A long long time ago in fairy-tale-land there was Cinderella, her Prince Charming and of course, her glass slipper which was responsible for their living happily ever after. Perhaps a little bit of Cinderella lives on in each of us as we slip our feet into our treasured footwear or try out tempting new designs in one of those many attractive shoe stores that dot every market and shopping mall. The joy you experience upon finding an awesome pair of shoes, be it a regular sneaker or one of those statuesque stilettos, and of knowing that they are yours to keep forever, is an instant mood-lifter. Indeed, for many like me, shoe-shopping remains the ultimate form of “happy-shopping” Since childhood i have bought and worn shoes at all price points. And while i enjoy the high end brands as much as other people, there is much to be said for shoes that may not have a “name” but have style, individuality, presence, or even comfort. A true-shoe-fan can appreciate them all!

Those given to research and analysis would attribute this craze to a number of factors…psychological, social and cultural. But if you ask any member of this vast ‘Sisterhood of the Shoe-obsessed’ they would give you one simple reason…”they love their shoes for the way they make them feel!!” Shoes are loyal, they are comforting. Their size does not fluctuate with your age or your weight. They fit and look good, regardless of what you weigh, unlike the pair of jeans or dress you can no longer slip into and which only manage to wound your self esteem, when you look at your reflection in the mirror. Compare this to wearing your favourite pair of heels. Your mood instantly changes for the better. Putting on high heels lengthens our shape, changes the curve of our posture and we are suddenly, taller, thinner and shapelier…what more can a gal ask for??!! A pair of stilettos pushes the bar even further…you look and walk glamour and class!

Western media would have you believe that Carrie Bradshaw (of ‘Sex and the City’ fame) has been responsible for women coming out of the closet about their shoe-obsession. Personally i think that passion is much older and has been around for sometime now. What it definitely did was introduce those drool-worthy designer Manolo Blahniks, Jimmy Choos and the exorbitantly priced Christian Louboutins with their signature red sole (which you can only see when a woman flashes the underside of her foot!). I don’t own such expensive pairs, not that i wouldn’t love to, but i just can’t afford them. But then again, i can’t afford most shoes i buy (or for that matter even need if my husband is to be believed!) and yet i continue to buy them! One can always find a reason for adding another pair to ones collection… a smaller heel, strappy-flats for the summer, a pair with some bling for the wedding in the family or even those new fluid-trainers for walking. Shoes provide us the flexibility to play with the image that we want to broadcast to the world…the-girl-next-door in her sneakers, the all business-woman in her pumps or the fashionista in her stilettos. Perhaps no other article of clothing or accessory allows one to so fluidly express all that you are or want to be.

And then there are the bags….another story for another day ;))


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