# Day 42 (Of mind and its matters~When you don’t mind, it doesn’t really matter!)

In an oft-quoted anecdote Bernard M. Baruch, presidential advisor to Woodrow Wilson and Franklin D. Roosevelt was once asked by a society columnist on how he handled the seating arrangements for all those who attended his dinner parties. His classic answer: “I never bother about that. Those who matter don’t mind and those who mind don’t matter.” It’s a life-lesson we could all learn from.

 At the “dinner-party” of life we are forever obsessing over the wrong issues and sometimes the wrong people. Apply this rule as a litmus test to try and weed out the things that should really matter to you and you would be free from a lot of stress. In reality though, it is easier said than done. Life requires you to fulfil so many roles in so many situations. To determine the limits you would be willing to set about what matters and who and what would you be willing to push away from you would not be an easy task. Like pretty much everything else in life, it would be a personal choice and a question of balance between you, your place in society, your needs, wants, desires, finances, and responsibilities all of which may again vary with time.

And while we are on mind-matters, there is another quip variously attributed from an anonymous researcher to Muhammad Ali and Mark Twain that humorously says “Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.” There you could replace ‘age’ with a number of other themes of life to emphasise the overall inconsequence of a single or even a couple of specific concerns. If you can free yourself from minor irritants like age or weight and keep a positive MIND then you can overcome anything no MATTER what!! Or for that MATTER, just shrug them off with a NEVER MIND!!



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