# Day 46 (A celebration called life)

“Zindagi utsav hai…isse maatam ki tarah na jiyo” (Loosely translated that would read…life is a festive-celebration, don’t live it in mourning)

The first time i heard that phrase was on one of the many ‘spiritual-TV-channels’ that my mother-in-law loved to watch. The ‘guru’ went on to elaborate how life was not meant to be just ‘lived’ but to be ‘celebrated’ as a wonderful gift. The original line in Hindi immediately went through a copy-paste process and was transferred to my soul-musings-quote-collection.

Every one in every culture celebrates something, some similar events like weddings, births and New Years; as well as some different occasions like festivals and memorial days, basically to stay in touch with our personal, spiritual and cultural heritage and to build memories for the coming generations. In that sense celebrations make up the very fabric of life. But what about celebrating life itself? With all its ups and downs, life has a grandeur that you cannot ignore. Like a great arch it can encompass all…sadness, anger, illness, tragedy, joy, hope. To simply ‘live life’ is to allow yourself to just go with the flow but to ‘celebrate life’ would be, not just to flow but also enjoy the adventures of this journey, wherever it may take you. Your life then gets woven into a rich tapestry of varied experiences.

The celebrations are always on…you can choose to participate in them or sit out and rue why things are not happening the way you want them to; you can choose large strokes of living boldly or you can complain about destiny not giving you a fair share; you can find joy in your simple everyday routines or keep waiting for that one wonderful life-changing event that may never happen. A ‘festive-song’ or a ‘mournful-dirge’…the choice is yours.

As Osho in his zen-wisdom says~~

“True celebration arises from a joy that is first experienced deep within, and spills over into an overflow of song and dance and laughter, and yes, even tears of gratitude. You need not bother about scheduling a party on your calendar. Let your hair down, take your shoes off, and start splashing in the puddles right now. The party is happening every moment, all around you…it’s called the party of life” 



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