# Day 58 (The magic of being up close and “live”)

We live in an age that some have labelled as the “always-on-internet-era”. Videos of any kind of performance be it pop music, a comedy riot, a magic show or even a classical dance performance…they are available to us on our fingertips. We can personalise and customise our preferences in terms of what we want to watch, where and for how long, and the best part…most of the times you can download them all for free!! Why then one wonders, do people buy tickets (at times even expensive ones) to watch a live performing artist and brave all the attendant inconveniences of travelling to the venue, finding parking, waiting for the curtains to go up, sometimes jostle through unruly crowds just to find a spot to watch your favourite band perform, and then at the end of it all not even get a proper view of the stage! 
Just a couple of days back as we returned from an exhilarating musical night, i realised that the answer perhaps lies in that one word “live!” Nothing can beat the magic of being present in that moment, of soaking in the charged atmosphere created by excited fans, of participating in all the cheering and clapping that goes on and of course  the added benefit of (?!) “tweeting” a selfie or doing a “check-in” of your presence at the venue! Your view is not restricted to a single frame, rather you have the privilege of watching a three sixty degree panorama unfolding right in front of your eyes.

To be witness to two maestros like Pt. Ravi Shankar and Zakir Hussain in a playful “jugalbandi”; to hear a sonorous Bhimsen Joshi’s ‘alaap’ before he begins a ‘bandish’, (your understanding of the technical nuances of the ‘raga’ being immaterial); to be mesmerised by the graceful pirouettes of ballerinas in a performance of ‘Swan Lake’; to watch the elegance of a Turkish belly-dancer; to participate in a show by the master-illusionist David Copperfield and watch with disbelief as he makes a gleaming Chevrolet appear on stage out of thin air; to observe the intricate-movements of a classical Indian dance like Bharatnatyam, Kathak or Kuchipudi; to laugh your guts out with a straight-faced stand-up comedian…such eclectic experiences are what turn you into a “cultural-omnivore.” And once hooked you are forever on the lookout for the euphoric high of a live-show…


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