# Day 59 (So where’s the party tonight?!)

“Drinking good wine with good food in good company, is one of life’s most civilised pleasures” ~ Michael Broadbent

Truly, to socialise and relax with friends and family over drinks and food with some stimulating conversation thrown in, makes for a thoroughly enjoyable activity. These days you can see them everywhere–in coffee-shops, restaurants, bars, pubs…a group around a table laughing and talking even as they gorge on all the eats the waiters pile in front of them. Come the weekend and the crowd doubles and trebles with louder sounds of the clinking of glasses and toasts being raised to the good-life in general. The phenomenon is no longer age specific as in related to the young professionals alone. As more and more people come out in search of such “social-fun” the number of diners and eating-out-options catering to different age groups and tastes keeps proliferating in our cities. 

It’s a phenomenon i’ve been used to all my life…only in many of the smaller military-towns we stayed in, we didn’t have too many options for dining out . So we made do with at-home-parties and informal-get-togethers. Entertaining was an important part of life and you enjoyed having friends over and rustling up elaborate meals, organising some parlour games, even music and dancing at times, and everyone including the hosts had a whale of a time. Even with their hectic-work-schedules many people still enjoy hosting such social-gatherings, the drudgery of cleaning up afterwards notwithstanding! Your home gets electrified with the positive energy of people milling about. The fun-filled-vibes that flow around elevate the experience to a sublime level and you bask in the afterglow till the next party comes along…


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