# Day 75 (Challenging your own self…)

My first-waking-up-thought this morning was “Ah reached 75 today!” When i first set for myself the # 365 days-a-post-a-day challenge, i wasn’t quite sure how this journey would progress. At first it was a bit overwhelming with all kinds of self doubts arising…will i be able to find time everyday, where will I find topics to write upon, what would be a good blogging platform to post on…it almost felt like Alice going down the rabbit hole, delving into an unknown world. But then i had reasoned that living in this fast-paced world with a plethora of experiences exploding around you and an unending bucket list of things-you-want-to-do, one has to “begin” somewhere and more importantly one has to quantify the goal or you could just wander around aimlessly.
The “numbers-game” is a popular tool in the cyberspace we seem to spend more and more of our time in. So you have the 30-days-abs-challenge to a 100-happy-days-challenge, the latter having any number of social-media-groups following it (including my own daughter who managed to successfully complete it!). The latest to fire the imagination of many of my female friends being the ‘100-saree-pact’, a community which on last count had over a lakh women joining in. The technique basically helps you focus on simple goals one day at a time. They are goals we set ourselves with rules we make ourselves and adding the number-of-days rule becomes a strategy for better execution. And of course sharing it with your extended circle of cyber-friends builds a supportive community that cheers you on and provides moral support for the task you have undertaken.
To say that it was all hunky dory once i started would not quite be true. It required some discipline initially, but then in a couple of weeks one got into the rhythm of a daily habit. Some days the creative brain just keeps scanning through the scribblings on your inner-wall-of-experience with no inspiration coming forth. Some days life events are so demanding that they consume all your energies and you panic about not being able to find your blog-post-time. There are even times when you rue the day you embarked on this pursuit! But when the “force” is with you, you manage to “Keep calm and write!” It’s no longer about seeing creativity as an achievement, rather it’s become a muscle that needs its daily training…


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