# Day 82 (When the mountains come calling…)

Some days you need to pack your bags and head to the mountains for…”going to the mountains is going home…”

(A view of the sublime majesty of the mighty Dhauladhar range from our photo archives…photo credit Surinder Sharma)

..”2) Pong dam wetlands (4)

“Ah, retreating mountain!

Purples of Ages, pause for you-

Sunset, reviews her Sapphire Regiment-

Day, drops you her Red Adieu!

Still, silent, clad in your suit of ices-Thigh of granite-and thew of steel-

Heedless-alike-of pomp-or parting-

and I’m kneeling still…”

(Adapted from Emily Dickinson)


About sunsur81

A gatherer of thoughts...exploring myths,metaphors and expressions of life...
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