# Day 90 (The Joyous Sounds of Nature)

They call these waterfalls ‘Raula’…in the local mountain dialect that
translates to ‘lots of noise’ And standing next to it, a thunderous roar greets you as the waters come crashing and tumbling down the mountain slopes. Yet the sound has a rhythm that does not ruffle or bother your nerves, it exhilarates and thrills. The youthful exuberance of mountain streams is always about a joyous movement, a free flowing continuum like life itself. Unbidden Tennyson’s lyrics come to mind…

I come from haunts of coot and hern, 

I make a sudden sally 

And sparkle out among the fern, 

To bicker down a valley…

I chatter over stony ways, 

In little sharps and trebles, 

I bubble into eddying bays, 

I babble on the pebbles. 

I chatter, chatter, as I flow 

To join the brimming river, 

For men may come and men may go, 

But I go on for ever… 



About sunsur81

A gatherer of thoughts...exploring myths,metaphors and expressions of life...
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