# Day 99 (The Quest for Krishna Consciousness)

The by-lane to a local temple is suddenly festooned with colourful lights and decorations
while a huge banner invites everyone to the ‘birth’ celebrations day after tomorrow…’Janamasthami’…the day we celebrate the birth of Lord Krishna. Among the many gods and goddesses in our ancient scriptures, Krishna remains the most adorable figure–always seen as playful yet with a multidimensional character. Literally he is a naughty, playful character, one who has never been depicted to be serious in any imaginative sketch that artists or poets have painted down the ages. But Puranic literature is also a philosophy written in the mystic style. Krishna’s story is also a song of the soul’s adventure to discover itself. To quote Swami Chinmayananda¬†“Lord Krishna is both the Way and The Goal…to meditate upon Him with all our mind and to awake to the State of Krishna-Consciousness is to awake to a larger, vaster, infinite awareness of the meaning of life. This Supreme Essence born as a mass of beauty, music and joy, dazzling in wisdom, noisy with laughter, ever a master of circumstances, a King of events, frisking about in life’s melancholy contentions, meeting challenges with daring and confidence, at once a hero and a child all rolled in one—this is the Perfect God-Man, the Eternal Child of Brindaban. He is to be born in us…and we await for Him in devotion, faith and meditative stillness on this holy day…”


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