# Day 100 (Scoring a Century!!)

The number ‘100’ is not just an important milestone and a great benchmark, it is also a ubiquitous number in so many fields…in assessing longevity and age where living to be a hundred for any human being is a celebratory event; in mathematics it is used for calculating percentage; every currency has a hundred note; old school exams as also so many other scoring systems give you marks out of 100; you see it being used for compilations like ‘top 100’; water boils at 100 degrees Celsius; and in our country you need to dial ‘100’ for police emergencies!
For me today it is an important milestone.To revisit the cricket-field metaphor of the day before, today i can raise my ‘bat’ to the heavens, clinch my hand into a fist, pull it inwards and give an exultant whoop of delight… “YESS!” A century has been scored! For cricket pundits a batsman’s ton is a veritable treasure of statistics…how many fours and sixes were scored, how many times did he get a ‘life’ or even the number of balls he faced to score that many runs. On my own blog-site this translates to the number of tags and categories, the recurring themes, the number of likes/comments and so on. It’s interesting how this number works as a point of reference from where you can take a step back and objectively view and analyse the bigger picture of your journey.
The other day my neice’s son was ‘educating’ me about his computer-game where a player gets special messages upon reaching a ‘milestone’ in a particular skill. These messages, i was told provide players with information about the ‘abilities’ they have unlocked as they advance in their skill levels, either by moving to a new combat level or when they meet the criteria for starting a new quest. Apparently each of these important milestones is highlighted with improved sounds and graphics, which get more impressive as players achieve even harder-to-reach goals. It was fun listening to his animated explanation even though computer-gaming is hardly my forte! More than that, the memory of that computer-gaming image perhaps kind of sums up where i am right now…some abilities, some skills have been unlocked, even as the quest for greater levels of achievement continues.


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