# Day 101 (The Quest for Krishna Consciousness II)

“Sarva dharma parityajya, maam ekam sarnamvajra
Ahamtvam sarva papebhyo, moksayisyami ma sucah”
( ~abandon all kinds of religions and philosophies and just surrender unto me; and i shall deliver you from all worldly suffering~)
My earliest memory of Janamashtmi is of ‘penance’ My father would keep a fast on that day where he would not partake of even a sip of water, and that fast was then broken with the ‘birth’ of Krishna at midnight…symbolised by the auspicious act of breaking a coconut. One particular year on that day he was commanding a ceremonial parade for a VIP and had to shout out parade-commands for the occasion. It was a hot day and by the time he returned home, his throat was parched dry but he just gargled with some water and did not break his ‘nirahaar’ vow. As a child you wondered why one did such penance in the name of someone who in the stories we read was forever up to some mischief with his cowherd-friends and would go around stealing butter and even clothes of gopis, even as he mesmerised them with the melody of his flute! Even much later the conundrum of understanding His actions remained. Krishna as a God. seemed to have no ‘system’, His persona as described by the poets followed no set pattern or logic.
They say excessive logic and reasoning can at times cut us from deeper, subtler truths. Under the pretence of being ‘enlightened’, your logic constructs this self-enclosed reality that moves you away from genuine intuition and the ability to discern the larger picture. Then in due course of time a learned soul with the prism of his knowledge shows you the mistake of viewing Krishna as just another historical figure, and reveals Him in true mystic light. Krishna is the perpetual Truth, beyond chronology, beyond our limited sensory reality. The path of Krishna-consciousness is the path of of spiritual self development both in theory and in practice. The entire gamut of spiritual thoughts, of Karma and action, of Bhakti and devotion, of Gyana and knowledge lie in the stories around Him. His birth then becomes symbolic of the ‘awakening of the spiritual urge’ in the seeker. And so to go back to Swami Chinmayananda’s words,
“Allow Him to be born peacefully in the prison-house of your bosom. Safely take Him across the Jamuna of desires and passions and protect Him from all the threats from His evil uncle–our Ego. Let Him grow among the noble feelings of devotion and dedication–the Gopis and the Gopas.”
Krishna, the ‘Blue-boy of Brindavan’ is the most attractive, infinite, joyful space within all of us. When there is no restlessness, when there is total surrender and devotion, when you allow yourself to become His Flute and let his harmonious notes flow uninterrupted…then you catch a glimpse of the wholesomeness of existence and become a part of His rasa-leela, the cosmic-celebration of life. Just allow His Grace to be born within you…


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