# Day 106 (A page from my youth-diaries…)

From an old diary…some youthful poetic utterances~

Alone in the silence of the night
i look for inspiration
in the stillness of my heart.
Through the foggy crevices of my mind
they come unbidden~~~
wisps of an idea,
some memory long forgotten,
glimpses of the past,
visions of the future,
a joy shared, a place visited,
dreams broken, desires unfulfilled
~~~rushing out
they fill my heart with music,
they set my heart dancing.
But when i reach out they elude my grasp~
Tantalisingly, teasingly they come near
and then they leave me alone
gazing at the shoreline of wonder
bordering the sea of imagination.
Yearning to drown myself,
i yet hesitate
afraid, unsure~~


About sunsur81

A gatherer of thoughts...exploring myths,metaphors and expressions of life...
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