# Day 112 (Our willing Americanisation)


Last weekend we enjoyed a novel experience…attending the local city edition of Comic Con along with our son and daughter-in-law. There was much excitement and eager anticipation among the crowd milling around the venue as with childlike glee people were trying on the props and other merchandise associated with their preferred comic/TV show/ movie characters. There were even fans dressed up as their favourite characters and a full stage had been set up for the ‘Cos Play’ show that was to take place later in the day. And of course the compulsory selfie moments were being clicked all around us!!
Amidst all this good clean wholesome weekend fun the one thing that struck me was with what alacrity we were all lapping up a culture exported to us by the United States!! Yes there was one stall dedicated to ‘Chota Bheem’ and another to ‘Amar Chitra Katha Comics’ but for the rest you had the All-American icons and super-heroes from Iron Man, Superman and party to characters from popular sitcoms like ‘Friends’ ‘The Big Bang Theory’ and the can’t-be-ignored ‘Game of Thrones’! Little wonder that the U.S. is without doubt the pre-eminent nation of the world!!
Many historians and scholars have commented upon this fact. The twentieth century saw America first establishing its military supremacy at Hiroshima, then its hegemony in space exploration by putting a man on the moon and its industrial dominion with brands recognised all over the world. But all these pale in comparison to its subtle war of cultural predominance over other nations, a war fought with the greatest weapons of soft diplomacy…Hollywood movies, American TV shows, super heroes of the Marvel and DC universe, new mythologies like Star Wars, brands like Coke, McDonald’s, Starbucks, Nike and Levi’s and not to forget the reimagined family entertainment domains of Disneyland and Universal Studios. Your idea of how people in a hospital, in a law-firm, in the advertising business, in schools, in colleges etc are supposed to conduct themselves is formed by their shows and movies. Indeed the world has been so constantly exposed to images of American cities, towns, geographical features, buildings and even roads (remember Route 66!!) that by the end of it all, American culture has become the culture of the world. We all know that UFO landings, alien attacks, the ‘Men in Black’ and other such phenomenon happen only in that part of earth and somehow an American hero/superhero then emerges and saves our planet!! Radicals and fundamentalists may spout their hatred of this Americanisation of the world but the vast majority chasing the American-dream are not complaining.
The bottom line is that till another Coke or Disneyland arises from another region, it shall remain Vive la America…


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