# Day 118 (Some ‘ravelry’ this…)


After many many years last winter i rediscovered the simple joys of a forgotten skill…knitting! (all thanks to the family’s new bundle of joy!) Knitting as a craft is always associated in my mind with childhood and my mother. The minute the weather changed and you could feel a slight nip in the air, she would turn into this knitting-junkie, whip out her needles and go clickety-click even in a public place like a movie theatre, much like today’s generation does with their mobile phones! Many of her generation had similar passions and their prized possessions would be their pattern-collections from magazines like “Woman’s-Weekly”and “Woman and Home” etc. Somewhere down the line this craze skipped a generation. It became so not ‘cool’ to indulge in such ‘feminine-pursuits’ even as you went about becoming an intellectual and a professional!!
When my kids were growing up i tried to imbibe some of the skill from her ~ a desire born partly out of my own penchant for creative-crafts and partly because i knew if i could not finish the knitting-project, she would be more than happy to do so! That was when i realised that there’s something oddly meditative about going knit-purl-knit with a pair of needles clicking away and forming enchanting new patterns. And then i read a news-bite in some magazine that even celebrities like Julia Roberts and Sandra Bullock were knitters! Many around that time had started touting it as ’the New-Yoga’, a soothing meditative pastime. So every other winter i too would pick up a little project—a scarf, a cap etc to keep my interest alive.
Last month a young friend introduced me to new-age knitters…a social networking site called “Ravelry” (what a wonderful name!) The husband-wife duo of Casey and Jessica Forbes founded it way back in May 2007 with the idea of creating a web-presence for ‘knitters, crocheters, designers and others’, and as one such ‘fiber-artist’ puts it…’it has become an internet tool to help the typical needle-wielder navigate through the wooly wild!’ Prompted and encouraged by this fellow-knitter, i too created a presence there. And now once again as winter approaches i look forward to giving in to that repetitive, semi-mindless action that manages to lull you into a peaceful mental space where you can choose to think, reflect, daydream or just be..


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