# Day 127 (My way or…??)

In this final part of my ‘Nietzsche-series’ i share a quote from his work,
“Thus Spake Zarathustra-III”
“You have your way. I have my way. As for the right way, the correct way, and the only way, it does not exist.”
It’s an important reminder for people who are ‘control freaks’ (raising my hand here to say like me~although i would like to believe that i’m a ‘recovering-control-freak’!) forever trying to micro manage things around for they are convinced their approach is the best and the most efficient.
The ability to quickly visualise the most efficient way of tackling a task can be a double-edged sword. At the workplace, specially if you are involved in some kind of administrative work, it can prove extremely useful and get you a lot of recognition and appreciation. But it can also make you a ‘pain’ with your ‘my way or the highway attitude.’ It turns you into one of those who can never delegate work because of your conviction that only you are capable of doing it perfectly. And in this pursuit of ‘perfection’ you end up being saddled with much more work than you had bargained for! That’s when the alarm bells need to go off for the smarter ones figure out they can get away with shoddy work and dump it on the ‘perfectionist-you’ to complete!! The lesson you learn is that it’s okay not to be efficient…getting the job done is more important than how it is done.
At home you may think you are being ‘helpful’ but you are only imposing ‘your way’, every-time you come up with that remark, “You know there’s a better way of doing that…here let me show you.” Or even worse sit silently on judgement, passively-aggressive waiting to pounce on that moment when you can say, “There, there, that’s not gonna work…you need to do it this way…” There could be a dozen other ways of doing the same thing, not just the one that works for you. Learn to respect them all…and suddenly you will be rewarded with so many views, different angles, various perspectives. It’s an insight shared with me by an elder cousin when our son was getting married. Her single piece of advice was to let the new girl joining the family do things her way…’It’s okay you know, there can be 40 different ways of washing a mug of coffee and all would be right in their own way!’ were her words of comforting-wisdom from one ‘perfectionist’ to another.
Truly life is so much more than just doing things efficiently. Letting go of your way can be as empowering as going down your ‘perfect-path’ always for by doing so you discover interesting alternatives, sometimes even better ones. Go with the flow and enjoy the twists and turns of ways other than your own…


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