# Day 139 (The nine auspicious nights)


It is counted as the most auspicious time of the year in our country ~ the “Navratri” or “Navratras”, and ever since i can recollect it is a time of great feasting, fasting and festival gaiety. Based on the lunar calendar, the Navratri come twice a year at the beginning of spring and of autumn, both being important junctions of solar and climactic influences. Since Vedic times these two periods are considered sacred opportunities for the worship of the Divine Mother or the Supreme Goddess Durga. Different regions of our country have various legends and rituals associated with Navratras…literally ‘nine nights’ But the major story remains the battle between the Divine Goddess and the demon Mahishasura: a legend that is open to a lot of symbolic interpretations.
Three aspects of this “Shakti” are worshipped in sets of three days each. On the first three days Goddess Durga is invoked; the next three days are devoted to Goddess Lakshmi; and the final three days are spent in worshipping the mother as the Goddess of wisdom, Saraswati.
The symbolism of each is defined in terms of the struggle between the divine and demonic forces both in our inner nature as well as in society at large…a story for another post! Meanwhile let’s just invoke the “shakti” within each one of us to face the negative forces we have to contend with in life.


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