# Day 141 (The nine auspicious nights III)

To conclude the legend of Durga and the Navratri symbolism, the first three days are dedicated to Goddess Durga. On the path of self-realisation, the “tamsic” tendencies have to be destroyed first. And so The Divine Mother in her fierce form destroys the inherent evil in an individual.
Then comes the invocation of the Goddess as bestower of wealth for the next three days. Lakshmi is considered the abode of all spiritual and material wealth. Once the ‘evil’ is destroyed, the mind is ready to receive the knowledge of the highest truth and the Goddess in this form grants the devotee the purity of mind so necessary for receiving the knowledge of the highest truth.
The last set of three days is then spent in worshipping the Goddess as Saraswati ~ the goddess of wisdom. She represents the highest knowledge of Self which destroys all delusions of the ego and helps the soul to achieve salvation.
Amidst all the trappings of festivity that go on during this time from buying new clothes, cars and houses to elaborate decorations of the ‘puja-pandals’…one wonders how many individuals really give a thought to such esoteric ideals. Perhaps, the ancients were better judges of human character and so left us these annual rituals more like signposts to gently remind us of the ultimate goal of life in this human form.


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