# Day 148 (In conclusion…)



The ninth avatar of the Divine Mother is ‘Siddhidatri’ or ‘Siddhidayani~the giver of all spiritual and divine powers. Her worship on the ninth day of Navratri marks the successful completion of the spiritual detoxification undertaken during the festival. Her form is blissful, calm and enchanting as she sits on a fully open and blooming lotus holding a lotus, a mace, a conch shell and the ‘chakra’ in her four hands. She removes all ignorance as she provides the knowledge to realise ‘Brahman’. She may be the ninth manifestation but legend says that as the primordial force it was she who blessed Lord Shiva with eight ’siddhis’ or super-powers and created the form of Shiva known as ‘Ardhanarishwar’ (half-man half-woman)~half male and half female energy that led to the evolution of creation as we know it.

At the end of it is the victorious Dussehra festival when good is finally victorious and effigies of the ten headed Ravana are set alight in the evenings in a symbolic gesture of conquest over the demons within us.


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