# Day 161 (If only…)

Some days when i sit down to write i wonder what it would be like if all of life’s responsibilities were to be concentrated only around things we love to do…laze around in bed; read a book; listen to music; watch one’s favourite movies or TV serials; play one’s favourite game; or follow that creative energy and sing, dance, write, even paint away to one’s heart’s content ~ all being our own personal time, not diluted or shared by anyone or anything!! Alas the chores of daily life always intrude and you need to dedicate time to those activities as well. However much one may rue the fact, existence lies in the normalcy of routines and not just in pursuit of that which alienates and isolates us from the reality around ~ in other words just doing what one’s heart desires! That path, inspite of it’s attractiveness, would only lead to ennui. True delight and fulfilment lies in finding the time in all this melee to visit that space and feel the thrill provided by such diversions and pastimes. It’s the work-life balance we keep striving for.
Meanwhile the daily-comic-strip in the newspaper today offers this piece of Calvin-wisdom (he has to have the last word!!)…



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