# Day 165 (News and views)

The third President of the US, Thomas Jefferson is regarded as a champion of press freedom and is often remembered for having famously said that he would prefer newspapers without a government to a government without newspapers. That was in 1787 before he ran for President…after all that the newspapers subjected him to during his presidential campaign of 1800, he derisively remarked~
“Advertisements contain the only truths to be relied on in a newspaper.”
Later he is known to have said~
“The man who reads nothing at all is better educated than the man who reads nothing but newspapers!”

Sometimes when you listen to all the brouhaha that goes on in the name of news-peddling on tv channels these days, you can’t help but agree with such sentiments. As for newspapers what can one say?! Sharing here an extract from my scrap book of quotations from the ‘Readers Digest’…the story (which incidentally relates to events that happened in the year 1815) is self-explanatory and its own comment…

During the twenty days between Napolean’s landing in the South ~ after his escape from Elba~ and his arrival at the capital, the thermometer of the press registered the following degrees of temperature:
“The Corsican werewolf has landed at Cannes”
“The tiger appeared at Gap, troops were sent against him. The wretched adventurer ended his career in the mountains.”
“The fiend has actually, thanks to treachery, been able to get as far as Grenoble.”
“The tyrant has reached Lyons, where horror paralysed all attempts at resistance.”
“The usurper has dared to advance within a hundred and fifty miles of the Capital.”
“Bonaparte moves north with rapid strides, but he will never reach Paris.”
“Tomorrow Napoleon will be at our gates.”
“His Majesty is at Fontainebleau. Nothing could exceed the pleasure of his most loyal subjects.”


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