# Day 169 (May the festive lights remain…)

Diwali could easily be called the ‘mother of all festivals’ in our country and it has gone as suddenly as it had arrived. In the distance, one can still hear the occasional crackle of a stray rocket or bomb, and the colourful diyas—the remnants of last night–now protectively hold tiny pools of melted wax and ash. The rangolis are still radiant, albeit slightly dishevelled. On the streets one can catch sight of last night’s celebrations all around…thankfully this year the cracker-waste has been much less then what it normally is.
Friends and extended family have now gone back home, making promises to meet again soon. The festive lights that festoon the homes ~ bright lively guests ~ will stay a while, illuminating our homes for a little longer. The sweets and savouries, the nuts and chocolates have now been stored away to be munched later and relished as mementoes of Diwali. The clothes and jewellery, chosen with great care made their grand appearance yesterday and have now been put away for the next big occasion.
As all the festivities slowly recede into the distance, a prayer goes out. May the festive lights remain in our hearts. In spirit and in being, may our celebrations continue through the year. May we all attempt to meet our loved ones a little more often. And may the laughter that came in abundance yesterday, make an appearance everyday.
The lights that brighten our homes this Diwali ~ may they continue to illuminate our lives and keep us happy and filled with the joys of existence~~


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