# Day 180 (When sleep eludes…)


As a general rule ‘sleep’ is never a vexing issue for me…many would say i’m ‘blessed’ for within minutes of my head touching the pillow, slumber time begins. Yet, on some rare nights the creature-inside-my-brain wants to have a conversation about anything and everything and just won’t let me sleep! Initially it bothered me and i would toss and turn and fret and worry but it only made it worse. Then i tried getting out of bed and doing something like reading a book…not much help there either. Over the years i’ve realised that when this happens you just have to lie awake till around 2 am when the brain is finally exhausted of topics and dozes off. On such ‘2 a.m. nights’ i’ve also tried every recommended trick for falling asleep. You begin with counting sheep…one, two, three and before you even reach ten it begins “Hey don’t forget to pay the credit card bill tomorrow morning…” And then you start making a mental checklist of things-to-do. You change track and focus your breath…breathe in, breathe out, breathe in, breathe out…the creature-in-the-brain again butts in “Remember what they taught about breathing in the yoga class…” a trip down memory lane begins and scenes from different places flash across and keep you awake. Then you remember granny’s old prayer beads…do a “jaap”…just chant a ‘mantra’ over and over again. “Ah forget it, lets plan a shopping spree…have to pick up…”
In between you also get up to go to the washroom a couple of times, or drink some water, or touch your phone screen to check out what the time is…
Meanwhile the 2 am deadline approaches and merciful sleep takes over…


About sunsur81

A gatherer of thoughts...exploring myths,metaphors and expressions of life...
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