# Day 187 (The ‘energy of passion’…)

“I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious.” -Albert Einstein

It’s a humble statement coming from a renowned genius. Yet the habit of being ‘forever-curious’ many of us can relate to. In my case the curiosity is about trying my hand at different crafts. Sometimes i wonder where these bursts of ‘creative-urges’ come from? It’s an old habit with me…off and on i need to indulge in this whim and spend time pursuing some craft, some hobby. It could be anything ~ say something humble enough as gardening catches the fancy. For some time thereafter all activities, from reading to making purchases would centre around that one subject. Next month focus may shift to knitting, another time to chocolate-making, perhaps some embroidery panel or even water-colours and fabric painting. Some of these pursuits have been extremely short-lived, others have stayed on for years.

The current fascination is with candles. It’s been over a decade since i first tried my hand at learning the craft. For some reason, this particular passion has never been abandoned ~ every couple of years i dig out the candle-making-supplies and then for the next couple of weeks every other activity takes a back seat…including this writing-exercise!

There is something about melting the wax, adding colour, stirring in some fragrance and then waiting for the candle you make to cool and slide out of its mould that soothes and relaxes. But then that is true one would say of every activity you follow with some passion. There are those who take up academia and research, others get into some physical activity or sport…anything that takes you away from the regular humdrum and adds a little magic to your days.

“Passion”, as Oprah Winfrey says “is energy. You can always feel the power that come from focussing on what excites you.”
And so i return to those candles to feel the excitement of trying out a new idea and to say a little prayer…may this excitement remain!


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