# Day 189 (The encroachment)


It’s a poem i first came across during a teacher training workshop in the late nineties. Later one of the CBSE examination papers for class X had used it for framing questions to test students’ reading-comprehension. A simple verse with a profound message. And i remembered it today while getting our apartment-balcony cleaned. It is one of the many issues apartment dwellers in our city often crib about ~ the pigeon-menace. In spite of all efforts to shoo them away, they keep perching in nooks and corners of balconies and sit-outs, often messing the place with their bird-poop. Every time these areas have to be cleaned, i too fret over the inconvenience. And then the memory of this poem mellows down that irritation…it’s a thought to ponder over~ who is encroaching on whose space?
(~ a poem by Neerada @ passion4poetry.com)
One evening after work

groping in the mailbox

for messages, letters from nowhere,

my fingers encountered

sprigs, twigs and eggs.

A bird had nested

right inside my mailbox.

Annoyed, I cleared it all

except for the eggs.

Later in the evening

a squall had me out

hastily gathering, clothes left drying.

In the garden, hopping

in clumsy hurry, was a mainah

balancing in its yellow beak

twigs and slender sticks

heading for my mailbox

laboriously to rebuild

the cosy nest I had wrecked.

My vision blurred in the heady showers,

the message I had missed

quite clearly I read

in the incongruous nest

hidden in the wooden box.
A trespass, an encroachment

that escaped prosecution,

a slow persecution

through a decimation of its habitat

leaving no room to nest

except in wooden post boxes

nailed to concrete walls.


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