# Day 190 (Fly away if you want to survive…)

DSC01278 (1)

“Fly away if you want to survive…” was the song the juke-box-in-my-head played as we watched the migratory birds. Every year in the winter season thousands upon thousands of birds fly in from foreign lands looking for suitable habitats for feeding as well as for breeding and raising their young. Watching these avian visitors at a bird sanctuary on the outskirts of our city, i couldn’t help but marvel at this miracle of nature. They say winter-migration of birds has evolved over thousands of years and is controlled by numerous factors like the genetic makeup of the birds, responses to weather, geography, food sources and even day length. Indeed the mechanisms that initiate migratory behaviour are so varied that we humans have still not completely understood them.
All one can do then is
“….gaze with wonder
and listen for the beat
Of slow wings across the sea
Of birds that come from northern lands,
Where the Russian sleigh-bells chime,
And some from the hungry desert sands
Of a southern clime
Flying in on the soft, song-laden wind
Perhaps half in hope and half in fear,
And then create a joyous tumult here…”


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