# Day 196 (Don’t complain, don’t explain…)

Expectation and frustration are an intrinsic part of life, and what is worse is that the latter often feeds on the former! When things don’t go the way you want to is when the annoyance builds up. It happens mostly when you get caught in life-circumstances whose outcome you wish you could control but can’t! The world seems all messed up…and that’s when some give up, others play the blame-game, while some simply pick themselves up and keep going.

Amitabh Bachchan in his blog had once shared a great story of his post graduation days. Frustrated by the limited opportunities and his inability to find a job after his studies, he had once walked into his father’s study and probably for the first time in his life spoken to him with his voice raised as he angrily blurted ~
“Aapne hamme paida kyun kiya ?” (Why did you give birth to us?)

His poet-father just looked up with surprise but said nothing and went back to the writing he was immersed in. The next morning the son got his answer in the form of a poem scribbled on a piece of paper…


(The translation by Amitabh himself~
“Pulled and torn by the strains of life and living
My sons ask me ‘Why did you give birth to us?’
And the only answer i possess to this is
That even my father did not ask me before giving birth to me,
Nor was my father asked by his father
Nor did my grandfather’s father ask him before bringing him
The trials and tribulations of life and living were there before
and are there now too, perhaps more
and shall be there too tomorrow,
perhaps even greater
Why don’t you make a new beginning, a new thinking
Ask your sons before giving birth to them”)

Truly there is no blame-game in life. Every morning is a fresh challenge and it is yours and yours alone! Don’t complain, don’t explain…all you have to do is learn to pick up the gauntlet, grapple with the struggle and move on…

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