# Day 200 (The Goan cocktail)

The Goans have a name for it ~ “susegado”. It’s an evocative, exotic, even emotive term in the local dialect for their easy-paced way of life. ‘Relax and live a little’ or simply put ‘just chill’ is what this mantra is all about. Goa’s 125 km long coastline provides you stunning vistas of sandy beaches, stately palms and a lovely sapphire sea. But this is standard beach-place-fare that really doesn’t give you a sense of what the place is all about. For that you have to head to one of the many shacks dotting these beaches. Architecturally speaking many of them barely exist. Indeed if you go during the monsoons, you will probably find only a concrete block instead of a lively joint. And then in December when the ‘season’ starts, they are again hammered back into existence.
Sipping on your favourite drink in one of these beach-shacks, just above the tide-line under azure skies and balmy tropical breezes with the temperate waters of the blue ocean inviting you for a dip…and you can just begin to understand the Goan spirit. Then there is the fresh sea-food cooked in a spice of your choice and those beach-beds or hammocks to collapse into post all that indulgence and suddenly time and routines have no meaning. There are the ocean waves rising and falling as they gently break on the shore and there you are sipping the unique Goan cultural cocktail ~ Susegado!
Whether you swear by the funky nightlife of the beaches of North Goa or you want to partake of the laid-back sophistication of the more upscale beaches of South Goa ~ this exotic bliss is perhaps what draws visitors to this holiday destination year after year.


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