# Day 207 (The lure of a ceremonial parade)

“The magic of the parade stems from the movement of its elements…the aesthetics of the transitory nature of the pomp and pageantry moving through distance and time. We see things only briefly ~ they approach, they are suddenly and vividly before us and then they are gone, their impressions left upon the minds of countless bystanders.”

One would think that being born, raised and then living among the ‘olive-greens’ would somewhat blunt the attraction of military ceremonies and parades for a person. And yet there is something about that larger than life spectacle of a ceremonial military parade that always inspires and uplifts me even after more than five decades of being exposed to them! The impeccable turn-out of the ornate uniforms, the colours, the rousing quick march tune being played by a military band, hundreds of arms swinging and feet marching in perfect synchronicity ~all combine to form a visual extravaganza that makes your heart swell with pride for the motherland and the beat remains with you for a long time…

“Qadam Qadam baṛāē jā
khushi kē geet gāē jā
yē zīndagi hai qâum kī
tū qâum pē lūtāē jā…”

(Words that translate to:
Keep stepping forward
Sing songs of happiness as you go
This life belongs to our motherland
Lay it down for her a hundredfold)


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