# Day 211 (Shhh! Someone maybe listening…)

Some may call it as being superstitious, others may classify it as a quirky paranoia but i know of many like me who are convinced that even inanimate objects, gadgets and machines have an energy flow that responds to emotional vibes emanating from us humans. There was a time when people would have scoffed at the idea of music and ‘happy-talk’ contributing to a healthier growth of plants; but then studies have confirmed that plants do respond to such stimuli. Similarly one day someone somewhere will show how the same can be said of the machines and gadgets that surround us these days.
At first i was sceptical. After all would you believe someone if they told you that their car had a puncture when they referred to it disparagingly as the ’old-ride’ or that it developed some engine-trouble when you had a family-conversation while driving it about buying a new car and getting rid of it. It’s an important lesson ~ you never ever say such words in the presence of your automobile, be it a bicycle, a mo-bike or a car, for you can never be sure of its reaction when it’s annoyed with you over such thoughtless and insensitive remarks. Then there are the kitchen gadgets…curse the mixer-grinder for not grinding/blending properly and the next minute the lid might just fly off and an ‘angry spillover’ of its contents will not only cost you precious time to clean up but also teach you a lesson about being gracious towards such-not-so-alive-ones. The shower head will clam up or just come away in your hands if you so much as tap it with anger; the geyser will stop working if you carelessly remark that it is not heating water properly; the air-conditioner will stubbornly refuse to work if you even suggest that it doesn’t cool efficiently…oh the list is endless!
The worst of course are those ’electronic-creatures’ we just can’t seem to do without ~ our televisions, laptops and mobile phones. Around them you have to tread with extreme caution.The most dangerous expressions around them are ‘this was a waste of money’ or ’no value for money here’ and the one that is absolutely taboo ’need to upgrade to a newer model’. To my chagrin that last one caused the phone to get away from my hands, drop with a thud on the floor and go into a permanent sulk from which it refuses to come out. As i do penance for that mean suggestion and await a new/repaired ‘fifth-appendage’ i have resolved to be more mindful from henceforth. No more off the cuff insensitive remarks. Meanwhile a fearful thought just struck me…what if they can read and this machine is aware of my thoughts?!! What an absolute nightmare that would be…


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