# Day 216 (The flow of time…)

“Is there anything we know more intimately than the fleetingness of time, the transience of each and every moment?” ~ Rebecca Goldstein

It’s that time of the year again…we are into the last couple of days before the calendar year changes. And as in so many years before, you are surrounded by ‘lists’ that try to define the 365 days that have gone by. The ‘top musical hits’ of the year, the ‘best-seller books list’, the movies that top the box office charts, the news-makers, the events…there is an endless chronicling of “the year that was.” Similarly, a couple of days later will come “resolutions” for the year ahead and the cycle will continue. Perhaps that’s what the “fluidity of time ” is all about. We think about the past even as we simultaneously dwell in the present and plan for the future. These and other thoughts flitted across my mind as we were driving back home in the evening, heading west and watching a brilliant sunset (an unusual sight for our city known more for its smog and pollution!)
Just as the sun dips below the horizon and slips away, time too slips by; and yet as another number gets marked in the calendar wherein we scrupulously record time, the eternal wisdom of these words stays with me…
“The future enters into us in order to transform itself in us long before it happens, But the past also penetrates the present long after it has happened…and out of this dynamic dialogue we wrest the meaning of our existence as life courses through us from both directions.”


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