# Day 234 (Do you remember??)

Sometime back i realised that there were issues with my brain’s ‘random access memory’. Certain situations began to be repeated with alarming frequency. At wedding receptions and other such social gatherings you came across a familiar face, both faces involuntarily broke into warm smiles of greeting; but then as the person approached to envelop you in a big friendly hug, your brain went into overdrive trying desperately to locate a name and a context for the face in front. At times the eureka-moment eluded you and you covered it with an extra wide smile and inane conversation till the facts clicked into place. It was alarming and disturbing for i was quite proud of my memory skills. One of the thoughts that raced through my mind was — “am i losing it?” A friend told me not to be worried and offered this consoling fact ~ as we grow older our brains get overloaded with information and so the time taken to sift through and access the relevant data increases marginally. It has nothing to do with the the ageing of your brain, she concluded! Memory in any case is a tricky thing, and a phenomenal memory is a special grace only few are born with. Photographic or as they call it ‘eidetic-memory’ is not for all. It becomes a functional necessity to forget certain things for if humans were to remember every single image from the day they were born it would be difficult to make it through life carrying all that data with us. And so i comfort myself with these words from John Irving’s “A Prayer for Owen Meany” ~



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One Response to # Day 234 (Do you remember??)

  1. NupurNS says:

    Hah! I doubt your brain discards any memory 😉 Even the irrelevant ones!


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