# Day 242 (A weighty tale…)

“When you want something the whole universe conspires to make it happen,” says Paulo Coelho’s most celebrated maxim. At times i feel it even conspires to constantly remind you to stay focussed on the path you have chosen to tread upon.The thought crossed my mind as i waited for the traffic signal to turn green and glanced at the advertorial splashed on the rear flap of the auto rickshaw in front of me:
“Want to lose weight?
Call xxxxxxxxxx now.
Special offer for January:
Book for 5kg, get 5kg free”
It was laughable, that ‘5kg free’ part! A buy-one-get-one-free-offer for losing weight ~ it’s a sale i could definitely do with!! It’s a constant struggle really ~ this continuous battle to keep one’s weight down. The seed was planted many years ago when i came across this lady who was quite the talk of the social circle for the fact that she was into running and going to the gym. As a twenty-something i was quite fascinated by this, involving as it did someone who was a generation older. When i complimented her about it, she came up with an insight that has stayed with me. According to her you had to have a bit of ‘vanity’ to stay slim for it is the only way to ensure that you look younger than you are and to generally feel good about yourself and the world around! And so like the banner that keeps running at the bottom of the television screen, this idea has been playing ever since in the background of other life activities : ‘watch your weight ~ watch your weight’, ‘don’t pile on the extra pounds ~ stay slim, stay fit!’
Your weight of course has a mind of its own. If it wants to go up, it makes you indulge in all kinds of sinful delights, besides coming up with a dozen or more legitimate excuses for not exercising. Thence onwards the fight begins ~ your will-power pitted against those temptations. Over the years help has been solicited from all quarters—fad diets like “GM-motors diet”, gym-workouts, daily walking routine, yoga classes, these and many more have contributed to the cause. These days i find consolation in the fact that one is not alone in this fight. All around i can see the evidence of this struggle. Magazine articles (‘8 ways to fight flab’); Headlines (‘Top actress shares her fitness fundas’); Advertisements (‘Get that sculpted body you’ve always dreamt of’); television programmes on morning workouts; youtube videos of yoga, pilates, zumba, aerobics etc; a new smartphone app to track your fitness ~ they assail you at every turn, the universe reminding you constantly of what you need to achieve.
Then the month of January every year is about reaffirming your fitness vows. According to some statistics over 90% of New Year resolutions are about doing something to lose weight. Various options are available : to lose ’n’ number of kgs, to pick an exercise regimen and stick to it, to eat more fibre and cut down on sugar and those deadly desserts ~ we all choose a target that suits us. This time i decided to keep the goal simple ~ my resolution for this year being ‘i shall not gain any weight!’ Going by past experiences i think this should be easier to accomplish than a resolve of losing 5kgs. As if the universe wanted to demonstrate its support, i got the following message from a fitness-guru whose diet programmes and weight-loss-mantras i have followed a couple of times to keep that errant weight in check ~
“Fitness is achieved as a compounding effect of the small effort it takes to eat just one meal right, just one workout going, and just one night where you sleep on time. Hope that 2016 brings you many such one days and it turns into a year of promises kept and happiness felt.”
Amen to that…some small steps for me and (hopefully?) a giant slide for the weight!!


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