# Day 245 (Listen to your heart…)



Listen to your heart, for it knows things that your mind can’t explain. It is a common platitude, but a tad hackneyed and not always foolproof! At times the heart can also lead you astray, push you to the”dark side” ~ even a murderer listens to his heart! And so what we need is a ‘middle path’ ~
“Some people will follow their minds without listening to their hearts, and others will follow their hearts without listening to their minds. That is why reason exists, for there to be balance between the heart and mind. We were not meant to follow the mind and ignore the heart. Instead we were meant to follow the heart over the mind , but without completely abandoning logic. The middle way is the preferred way, and this path simply means to allow your heart to drive you, but do not forget to balance reason with your conscience.”
(~Suzy Kassem in ‘Rise Up and Salute The Sun’)


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One Response to # Day 245 (Listen to your heart…)

  1. NupurNS says:

    The mind says get up early to exercise; the heart says sleep a while longer; the middle path, it turns out, is actually the baby who wakes up and makes you run all around the house behind him 😛


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