# Day 251 (Sartorial stories)

It is a habit dictated partly by the vagaries of the seasons in the city where we live and partly by my own OCDs. Every couple of months there is this compulsive need to organize and overhaul the wardrobe. The problem being the fact that you need different sets of clothes as the seasons change ~ what you wear in winter has to be put away for the summer and vice versa. Then there is that story most of us are familiar with. You have a wardrobe overflowing with clothes but when you actually search for something to wear for an occasion there is no suitable dress available!
And if you have just returned from a long outing to different cities with diverse weather conditions, like me you too would be sitting aghast at the clothes-mess in the wardrobe.

At such times i envy my husband’s ability to put his stuff in order within a jiffy. His philosophy about clothes being simple, all he needs is one shelf for winter wear, another for summer, a space for hanging the jackets and suits and a couple of pull-out-drawers for other sundries.The choices within each are limited to formal-wear and informal-wear. With us females the sartorial choices are a bit more “complicated”! To begin with we seem to have more seasons in the first place, so our seasonal winter-summer clothes get further sub divided. There are clothes for spring, a mild summer, an extremely hot summer, a rainy season, a muggy hot and humid season, a pre-winter, a mild winter and for an extremely cold season. Within each you would have clothes for work, lounging around at home, going for a walk, shopping/movie outing, dinner out with friends/family and some for special occasions like a wedding reception or a formal dinner etc. The categories and sub-categories don’t end here. There are travel clothes for different types of destinations; the make-you-look-fat-dresses which you can’t get rid of because you love the design(?!); old favourites you no longer fit into but wistfully hold onto thinking ‘one day i will get back into that dress’; besides all those expensive-sentimental-dresses you wore for special occasions and which you can neither throw away nor risk being repetitive by wearing them again! Then if you are a ’true Indian’ there is your collection of sarees. And as for shoes and bags…don’t even get me started!!

It’s for reasons like this that i dread this wardrobe-sorting task! Only there are advantages to it too ~ sometimes you ‘find’ a pretty dress you had forgotten about and you are happy that you do have something to wear after all for the occasion coming up!!


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