# Day 256 (Learning to ‘let it be…’)

Yes, i’m a self-confessed neat-freak, a compulsive organiser, a cleanliness nerd ~ or any other similar term you can use for one who suffers from such obsessive disorders! The consolation is that one is not alone in this affliction. Every family has at least one such member who has to straighten that picture frame hanging at an angle, rearrange the plate on the table so that the flower pattern is correct, re-fold the laundry when someone else has done it because the tee shirt is not folded the way one does it, plump up that cushion lying crushed after someone has just vacated the sofa seat ~ ah well, been there done all that!! Others in the family often find these habits either hilarious (often having a good laugh at the predictable way you involuntarily tidy up stuff lying around); or they are plain annoyed by this compulsion (them being the ones who believe in having their own particular ‘method’ in the disarray around).
This ingrained constant tidying and organising during the course of the day has a cumulative effect for it leads to a greater workload and even some stress as you grow older. Then one day you have an epiphany ~ you have to begin a de-addiction program from this obsession for your own good (and maybe even of those around you!!). So begins an exercise in self-discipline ~ learn to ignore and ‘let it be!’ That’s when a verse like this helps you to stay motivated…



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