# Day 261 (Celebrating love)

For a considerable number of years now, there is much brouhaha over a festival which many decry doesn’t even have any connection with the culture of our country. For others it’s just a “pile of commercial tripe”, another lucrative opportunity for all the jewellers, greeting card manufacturers restaurateurs, chocolatiers etc to sell us their “symbols of love.” To a large extent this so called “imported” festival of Valentine’s Day, does represent the commercialisation of relationships. From newspaper and magazine articles to radio programs everyone seems to be dictating to people how to demonstrate love, indeed almost defining what ‘romance’ should be about! It may be a lot of fun and excitement but as the big day approaches, one can’t help but notice that the very definition of love, romance and relationships seems to have undergone a big change in todays world. Almost as if it has become all candy floss and fleeting like the roses and chocolates that flood the markets around this time. Can the sparkle of diamonds, the fragrance of roses or heart shaped chocolates really convey the depth of emotions of a relationship? As one writer puts it~
“It is like comparing sparkling mineral water to French Champagne. This kind of love is exciting and exhilarating. Its light and bubbly. Anyone can love like that. But love after raising children of your own; facing trials and tribulations of life together; having fought and made up umpteen times with each other; bored each other and surprised each other; after you’ve seen the worst and the best ~ well that sort of love is ineffable. It doesn’t need any festival. It is its own celebration.”


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