# Day 263 (Sometimes less is more)

As human beings we are born collectors. We are gatherers who acquire possessions, assets, personal-articles and a host of other sundry things that we love to surround ourselves with. We are hoarders who have a stockpile of experiences, emotions, memories, information and a zillion thoughts that we carry within us. And then sometimes you need to clear this clutter, to sift through it all and keep only what is relevant and meaningful…literally ‘edit’ your life! At one level, either on a regular basis or in some haphazard manner, we all weed out the non-essentials from our homes and our lives. Advocates of minimalism will have you believe that “less can be more” and that downsizing will free the energy you waste in looking for and maintaining your ‘collections’ resulting in a little more freedom, a little more time and a little more ease in life.
Discarding the superfluous sounds simple in theory but can be quite a challenging experience when you actually set about doing it. The awareness of the ‘brutality’ involved grew within me every time we moved house ~ and living the nomadic-army-family-life that we did, that happened every couple of years if not sooner. How does one go about the act of disposal, of getting rid of things which you once thought were symbolic of your life—simple by learning to say goodbye to things!!
(…to be contd)


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A gatherer of thoughts...exploring myths,metaphors and expressions of life...
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