# Day 267 (It’s complicated!)

Contort the facial muscles a bit, slightly shrug your shoulders and with an apologetic tone say, “It’s complicated!” It’s amusing to see how often those two words are used to explain away so many situations mired in a quagmire of confusion! There was a time when those words were just the name of a movie, then it became one of the options for your Facebook status under ‘relationship’ and now you find it being bandied around as a sort of code when you just want to be oblique and say something without saying anything!
Well we humans are a complicated lot. We are not machines used to only binary commands. A simple enough question posed to a group of people can elicit various responses, not just a simple yes or no. Things can never be clearly defined, lines are often blurred, nothing is ever completely black or pristine white. So what else can you say except that, “it’s complicated”; and if someone were to ask what that means….well ummm “That’s complicated!!”


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A gatherer of thoughts...exploring myths,metaphors and expressions of life...
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