# Day 269 (The truth be told…)


A simple statement overheard the other day on a tv serial…an insight to ponder over ~
“Finding the truth can be simple it’s accepting the simplicity that can be hard…”

And a brilliant quote on the elusive nature of truth…

Whenever understanding exists, accepting or rejecting is unnecessary.
The mind that believes, the mind that does not believe and the mind that doubts is an ignorant mind.
The path of wisdom does not lie in believing, not believing or in doubting.
The path of wisdom consists in inquiring, analyzing, meditating, experimenting.
Truth is the unknown from moment to moment. Truth has nothing to do with what one believes or stops believing, neither does it have anything to do with skepticism.
Truth is not a matter of accepting or rejecting, it is something to experience, live and understand.
~Samuel Aun Weor


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