# Day 278 (Today’s philosophical note…)

Seeking a deeper understanding of life, religion and spirituality, often makes me read random books and leads to an overload of philosophical insights in the brain! Yet there are times when you come across a new explanation of an old concept…it creates a new awareness, reveals a different complexity and makes you go aha!
In an essay explaining some tenets of our old ‘Sankhya-philosophy’, i found this description of the sacred-trinity ~
“Your relationship to the cosmos is defined in terms of the Holy Trinity…and no it is not Brahma-Vishnu-Mahesh as most of us grow up to believe…but of the One Parmatma~the Supreme Being; the innumerable Jivatmas or individual souls; and Mool Prakriti or primordial matter. Together they form the three fundamental and permanent forces…the three eternals that always remain in existence as they play out the game of creation. In simplest terms the first entity Parmatma is ‘sat-chit-anand’. Sat…always existent,all truth and never ending; chit–animate, all aware and full of life; and anand—eternally blissful; or that which is true, animate and eternal bliss. Prakriti the matter that forms this entire universe is only sat…real and existent but without any soul. The atma or soul is both sat and chit and has been made free to act for better or worse with the help of the instrument of the body and mind and in the case of humans, superior intellect or ‘buddhi’. The Jivatmas go through many cycles of birth and rebirth to attain ‘anand’. The human form is attained after a great deal of effort and cycles of birth and rebirths and has to be used to achieve the ultimate goal of life…moksha to be one with the Supreme being.”


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