# Day 281 (Man and beast…)

Since 2013 the UN has added a World Wildlife Day to its official events calendar. It’s a day meant to spread greater awareness about endangered species as well as wildlife crimes.The designated date for marking this event is March 3. By a happy chance we are visiting our country’s oldest National Reserve Forest ~ the tiger country of Jim Corbett. So yesterday on World Wildlife Day, our day was spent in jungle land in search of some of its wilder inhabitants. Besides the animal sightings and some great photography opportunities, the most heartening note was added to the entire experience by the tiger and other stories we heard and the sentiments of the local populace involved in taking the tourists on the various jungle safaris. As our guide remarked in Hindi, “Kai baar sochte hain in khatron se door chale jayen par kya karen…in janwaron ko dekhe bina khana hi hazam nahin hota!” ( a loose translation… many a times after being chased by elephants or managing to escape from an angry beast, one thinks of leaving this place and its dangers. But then how will we live for unless we see these animals our day seems incomplete!)  


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