# Day 286 (A willing Suspension of Disbelief…)

So often while watching some fantasy-land movie or television series or even a science fiction one, i always remember that phrase we learnt while studying the Romantic Poets ~ “a willing suspension of disbelief”. The phrase was coined in 1817 by Samuel Taylor Coleridge who suggested that if a writer could infuse a “human interest and a semblance of truth” into a fantastic tale, the reader would “suspend judgement concerning the implausibility of the narrative.” For him “that willing suspension of disbelief for the moment constitutes poetic faith” And so we all set aside our doubts and skepticisms for the sake of a good story, temporarily giving over to the author’s vision of the world and accepting the supernatural and other fantasy elements framed in familiar settings of the regular world ~ willing to ‘suspend our disbelief’!


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